About Mama's Love Box

My name is Lauren Copley. I am the mom behind Mama’s Love Box. My son, Aaron, is my pride and joy. While he was away at college, and since he moved across the state to start his career, I have always shown my love with homemade treats. Aaron and his friends always enjoyed a box of my homemade delicacies, filled to the brim, and made with love. He always said that when he got a package I sent, it was like getting a giant hug from me.
Being separated from a loved one brings up a huge whirlwind of emotions, ranging from pride in the journey they are taking, to sadness from being separated, and a host of feelings in between. The biggest challenge is maintaining the deep connection that has been a lifetime in the making.I know I’m not the only one who is experiencing these emotions, and that’s when it hit me, the perfect way to maintain that special connection with a loved one while simultaneously supporting them in their independent journey through the world. Mama’s Love Box was born.  It’s like sending a little love from home. Each box will be personally curated to fit your loved one’s wants and needs, and feature a homemade sweet treat made personally by me and filled with love. I am known for my hand poured fudge, hand dipped chocolates, gourmet apples, gourmet filled cupcakes, warm straight from the oven batches of cookies, and a plethora of other baked goods. So let’s bridge the gap together, and let me help you to send a giant hug to that special person in your life. Send love in a box with Mama’s Love Box.

Xoxo, Lauren